Can't stay silent doing nothing? A lot of things / managements to do?

Site / AppDescription
Evernote (opens in a new tab)Straight-forward note taking app
Notion (opens in a new tab)Great hierarchical note taking app
Trello (opens in a new tab)For Kanban lovers
LessPhone (opens in a new tab)Stop using your phone too much
[android only]
Blloc Ratio (opens in a new tab)an Android home screen designed to turn mindless distraction into mindful productivity.
Mega (opens in a new tab)Looking for Google Drive alternative? This one has a secure encryption
Coda (opens in a new tab)Docs for team. It's like Notion, but in more linear way. Great for managements.
ClickUp (opens in a new tab)All in one place for your work.
Slite (opens in a new tab)helps remote teams share ideas, save knowledge, and work together anytime, any place.

Typing Exercise / Test

Improve / test your typing speed

Screen Recording Tools

Site / AppDescription
scrcpy (opens in a new tab)Display and control your Android device
ShareX (opens in a new tab)Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

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