Software Development

General Tools

StackBit (opens in a new tab)Build JAMStack sites just under minutes
Expo (opens in a new tab)App Building Toolchain, based on React Native
Framer (opens in a new tab)App Prototyping Tool
Material Design Color Tool (opens in a new tab)Create, share, and apply color palettes
AppWrite (opens in a new tab)Open source backend server
Octopus (opens in a new tab)a lightning-fast visual sitemap builder
GitFolio (opens in a new tab)personal website + blog for every github user
CodeFactor (opens in a new tab)Automated code review for git
Depfu (opens in a new tab)automated dependency updates
SonarCloud (opens in a new tab)Analyze your public repo for free
BundlePhobia (opens in a new tab)find the cost of adding a npm package to your bundle, or just scan your package.json
Responsively (opens in a new tab)Open source modified web browser that helps in responsive web development.
Ninite (opens in a new tab)Install and Update All Your Programs at Once
BleachBit (opens in a new tab)Clean Your System and Free Disk Space

Diagrams, Rough Prototyping

Diagrams (opens in a new tab)My favorite tool to make flowcharts and diagrams. I recommend to install the desktop version if you have unstable connections.
JamBoard (opens in a new tab)digital interactive whiteboard developed by Google
Excalidraw (opens in a new tab)hand drawn & feel (opens in a new tab)Flowchart & Diagrams editor

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