Site / AppDescription
Zoho (opens in a new tab)All-in-one business solution (mail, invoice, CRM, etc)
Slack (opens in a new tab)Collaborative group instant messaging
Zoom (opens in a new tab)Video conferencing
Mailbum (opens in a new tab)Email signatures without the fuss.

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Build App Solutions

Glide (opens in a new tab)Build an app from a Google Sheet in five minutes, for free.

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Page Builder

built page for your profile / shop with just some clicks. Most of it are free.

Site / AppDescription
Carrd (opens in a new tab)Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
ContactUp (opens in a new tab)Your personal page made simple.
Sleek (opens in a new tab)Build a personal website, blog, or portfolio
NeoCities (opens in a new tab)Create your own free website!
YouDontNeedWP (opens in a new tab)Create A Blog With Only Google Docs
Milkshake (opens in a new tab)Make a free Insta website on your phone in minutes.

Bio Links / Links Page

Site / AppDescription
Linktree (opens in a new tab)Connect audiences to all of your content with just one link
About.Me (opens in a new tab)Your personal homepage
Znap (opens in a new tab)Multiple bio links for Instagram
Link in Bio (opens in a new tab)Share Anything with Your Bio Link
ContactInBio (opens in a new tab)Create Microlanding Page For Your Social Media Profile.
Campsite (opens in a new tab)Solving the one link problem on social.
Link in Profile (opens in a new tab)Drive more traffic from Instagram.
Swipop Link (opens in a new tab)Share all your platforms and codes with one single and sell the access to premium content to your audience.
Tap Bio (opens in a new tab)Upgrade your Instagram bio.
Shorby (opens in a new tab)Get the most of your Instagram bio link.
Unfold Bio Sites from SquareSpace (opens in a new tab)Share your links. Connect with your audience.

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